AMS designs and manufactures video wall controllers running on Windows platform. This advanced equipment captures, displays and manages all digital and analogue input information in full digital form on any display configuration. AMS controllers are delivered with a complete and integrated software solution that puts you in control of a video wall of any size and configuration.

AMS controller is a perfect solution for control rooms, conference halls, educational facilities, entertainment centres, museums, sporting venues etc.

AMS engineers also developed an advanced software watchdog providing uninterrupted parallel operation of two controllers. It ensures maximum reliability guaranteeing that the system will continue functioning no matter what. This feature may prove crucial for those facilities where reliability is of vital importance.

AMS controllers are customized to the users' specifications. We can provide the needed number of inputs/outputs; the required memory capacity (up to 30 Gb); redundant power supply; two processors option (Intel Xeon); Raid 0, 1, 10; industrial/tower chassis. After numerous tests lots of professionals opted for AMS controlling system affirming its flexibility, effectiveness and reliability. AMS controllers are currently being used at over 150 large industrial facilities.

Key features